Youth Still Totally Against Fascism: Sonic Youth's Most Adorable Record…

Marking the release of their my-god sixteenth album on Friday at Home Sweet Home, Sonic Youth brought out a few bands to play covers of their own songs and wear great outfits and pretend they didn't like talking to reporters. Pictures by Nikola Tamindzic and our story continues. » 5/26/09 1:46pm 5/26/09 1:46pm

No. I still doubt it was a script kiddie and an army of low-paid kids in internet cafes in Uzbekistan, as much as I doubt the de-listing had anything to do with gay hate. The guy I talked to inside Amazon says it was an internally initiated tagging of 58,000 titles as "adult." And with the surfacing of those emails… » 4/13/09 5:04pm 4/13/09 5:04pm

Owen, tsk! "Castro lesbian"? I mean, it's not like I've even seen Kara at the Lex — I'm not saying she likes it like that. But the only lesbians spotted between 17th and 19th Streets and Castro either wandered out of Noe Valley after one too many bellinis at brunch, or are Red State tourists. With questionable hair. » 10/31/08 1:00am 10/31/08 1:00am